5 Ways To Improve And Get The Most Value

Having the right lighting in a room can make all the difference when it comes to making or breaking the atmosphere of the room. The right lighting plays a big part in making or breaking those energy bills!

Intropro Consctrcution Inc. in Greater Vancouver are professional electricians who offer a full range of electrical services, including lighting upgrades. They share some tips for improving your lighting to get the most value from it:

1. Add a dimmer switch to your lights

Whether it’s about mood or brightness, sometimes you don’t want the full force of your lights at all times. Depending on the time of day and how much sunlight is coming in, there may be times you want just a little light. That’s where a dimmer switch comes into use. Not only can you control the brightness, but you can also save energy by using less lighting. It’ll also help expand the lifespan of your lights simply by not always using them at full capacity all the time. Dimmers can also help soften the lighting, in case your eyes are sensitive to bright lights.

2. Light up those dark spaces

Neglecting to light dark spaces in a home is like having empty space without any use. It’s wasted functionality and use, that can easily be fixed with a little light. Dark spaces include your closest, cupboards and shelves. Much like a dimmer, adding light to these spaces gives you just the right amount without wasting energy. Instead of turning on all your kitchen or bedroom lights, just flick on those under-shelf lights or closet lights. This is also a great way to reduce eye strain, especially if you need light when it’s already dark out.

3. Follow the rules of three

As a general rule, every room should have at least three sources of light. This helps optimize the amount of light in each room and also gives you more lighting options. Generally, the three types are overhead lighting, specific lighting, and ambient lighting. Specific lighting can be table lights, while ambient is the decorative lighting. This way, you have a different light source for any time of day or need, such as reading or just adding some ambiance. If you need some creative inspiration, take a look at these ambient lighting ideas for your home.

4. Use LED light bulbs

Not only are LEDs incredibly energy efficient, easily saving 80-90% efficiency, they also have a long lifespan. Unlike other bulbs, they won’t burn out so soon, so you won’t have to replace your lights for years. They also emit a softer light, so they won’t be as harsh on your eyes. Pairing LEDs with dimmer switches or as table lights are a great way to double up on those lighting benefits. Plus, LED is an eco-friendly choice if you’re looking to make your home greener all around!

5. Maximize that natural lighting

Yes, you want reliable lighting, but you also don’t want to rely on it all the time. Making the most of natural sunlight during the day will mean less electrical expenses during that time. Once the sun starts to set, keep an eye out in your house for areas that get dark quicker. If you notice a room has lots of dark spots, consider moving your lighting around to brighten the area. By working together with natural sunlight and indoor lighting, you can reap the benefits of both!

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